Balancing Table – Dandayamna Bharmanasana

Balancing Table – Dandayamna Bharmanasana

How to do it?

1. We start on all four, with the knees directly under the hips and the hands under the shoulders. We spread the fingers and press on the web area between the thumbs and the index fingers to avoid unnecessary pressure on the wrist.

2. Inhale and extend the right leg up parallel to the floor, reaching the toes towards the back wall.

3. Exhale and gently draw the navel in towards the spine, finding stability by looking between your thumbs.

4. On the next inhale, extend the left arm up parallel to the ground. Lengthen from the toes to the finger tips.

5. Hold for 5 breaths, breathing slowly and deeply. Then to come out of the pose, exhale as you bring the left arm on the mat and lower the right knee back down.

– Repeat on the other side.

Why do it?

The Balancing Table is a great pose to improve balance! It looks simple but students are often surprised at how difficult it is to remain stable and balance! It teaches us to pay attention to the alignment, the breath, the core and to focus!

Balancing Table (to be honest, I never use the Sanskrit name for this pose!) also helps improve the memory and coordination and the core strength if practised regularly.


If you have problems with your knees, you might find it difficult to stay in the pose for a few breaths. Try placing a folded blanket or some sort of padding under the knee to reduce pressure.

I really like this pose. It is simple but helps to wake up in the morning, to stretch the spine and then you can easily build up on it, adding variations to create a little flow on all four, safe but still challenging for the balance. Enjoy it!