Both initial non-human animal research and cross-sectional human research provide promising evidence for the possible role of fitness in improving functioning in those with MS.

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Stretching & Strengthening the Thoracic Spine

Stretching & Strengthening the Thoracic Spine

Thoracic pain is not as common as lower back or cervical pain – mainly because the vertebras don’t move as much but tension is fairly common. Whether you have experienced thoracic pain or tension, you can find relief through yoga. Thoracic Pain Thoracic or mid back pain is often felt between or behind the shoulder blades and the usual cause is some form of muscular tension in the area. Thoracic Tension Thoracic tension is quite common among people with bad posture. Sitting for long hours in a bad position like slouching on a couch all might lead to tension in the thoracic spine. This slumped over posture can also be caused by our moods.. but whatever the cause, the question is…. what is the solution?  The solution Body – If you know that you tend to have bad sitting habits, the first thing you can do is to make sure you sit correctly whether at work, in front of your computer or at home when you relax. Mind – Our mood also affects the way we hold our spine. Feeling low can sometimes lead to collapsing in the chest and slumping. A simple thing you can try is to “look up”! Try it next time you feel down, just gaze at the horizon, roll your shoulders back and down and see how you feel. What muscles are involved in thoracic tension…. When ‘slumping’ becomes a habit, it obviously affects the muscles. There are many muscles that contribute to thoracic tension, but the two main ones for me are: Serratus Anterior – ‘boxer’s muscle’ The serratus anterior muscles connect the shoulder blades to...

Yoga Diary with Video – Get up & Go!

I don’t know what to do. I don’t have time. Well no more excuse: Here is the solution: a 13 minutes long video that will do the trick. Nothing complicated… Just simple but very effective postures. It is “general” and not particularly for people with MS. The aim is just to “Get up & Go!”. Please try it. You will find the video on our Vimeo channel: Are you awake now? You might even want to do more… Keep moving and have a fantastic day! Namaste...