Chair Yoga: An Introduction

Chair Yoga: An Introduction

What is Chair Yoga?

The term “chair yoga” sometimes leads to confusion.
Sometimes, it means that a chair is used as a prop. So you can be asked to stand beside the chair, to lean over or bend over the chair etc.
In other cases, it means that you practice yoga while sitting on a chair, which is great for people with balance or mobility issues. This is the type of chair yoga we are referring to here.

Who is it for?

As mentioned before, sitting on a chair means it is accessible to people with mobility and balance issues. It is also great if you have an ankle injury or if you are tired.

Is it easier?

Yes and no. Chair yoga doesn’t include poses such as handstand or headstand. You won’t do any arm balances neither. However, it can still be quite challenging. There are some nice core building exercises too!

Do you you find out more about chair yoga?

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