Sharing Experience & Knowledge

Living with MS is a challenge but we believe that feeling part of a community makes it easier. The aim is not just to share our fears, pain, anxieties – although this is sometimes useful – but to share ideas, tips and knowledge. In this section, we will share:

  • blog posts – anybody is more than welcome to share their experience.
  • book reviews
  • research results that may be of interest for anybody living with MS

It’s all about the run…

When I like something, I want everybody to try it. I can’t help it. For many years, I’ve campaigned for yoga and found ways to lure my friends into a yoga class. Be warned! Here comes the next crusade, and this time it’s all about the run. Yes, I’m still on a high after running my first 10K race yesterday but it’s not just adrenaline talking. Running is good for you, if you train properly. And I have the best trainer ever, Peter – so good I’m going to marry him next month but that’s beside the point. Anyway I started to run last September. I was doing lots of yoga but no cardio vascular training and I often felt some fluttering in my chest. I realised I need to strengthen my heart. After my first running attempt, which must have been max 1.2 K, I was short of breath and Peter was a bit worried. He got me to run very short distances for what seemed like eternity. So I ran around the block again and again, slightly afraid that my neighbours would get suspicious. I didn’t think I could ever run more than 3K. But we slowly increased the distance and in November I ran my first 5K. Hurrah! Over the winter, I couldn’t train because of colds and sore throats.Peter had registered me for a run in January but I had to postpone it and eventually cancel it as I didn’t feel I could run more than 5K. But from May onwards, I had an objective: to run the London Vitality 10K race on July 10th for a...

Chronically well…

Today I would like to share a blog written by Sarah: Chronically Well. Sarah introduces the OMS recovery programme in her blog entry of February 19th. She also has lots of articles about juicing, research news as well as recipes and a library! I love her tone. It is so refreshing and pleasant to read as well as informative: a pleasure to read. So please go and check it out. Here is the address of Sarah’s blog: Thank you Sarah.    ...

In My Skin

On a different day
if I was safe in my own skin
then I wouldn’t feel so lost
 and so frightened
But this is today
and I’m lost in my own skin
“Honestly ok” Dido

MS Hug (George)

This is n entry I wrote a while ago on my blog I wanted to put it here as it is about the MS Hug as is the following blog entry.

Patient or Warrior? By Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee is a writer, mother, and lover of life who has discovered that a twenty year dance with MS, has given her Multiple Strengths. She writes about love, laughter, healing and hope. Check her blog: