French Buckwheat “Galettes”

French Buckwheat “Galettes”


– 300 gr buckwheat flour
– 75 g cold water
– salt
– 1 teaspoon Orgran No Egg in 2 tablespoon of water (optional)
– A very good non stick frying pan, preferably a special crepe pan

For the filling:

– smoked salmon, salad, avocado, sundried tomatoes…


Mix the buckwheat and salt, and slowly add the water. I like to use a wooden spoon and mix slowly to avoid lumps and then whisk it. If you use Orgran No Egg, add it as well. It will thicken a little bit the mix but unfortunately it won’t give the nice golden colour that eggs give.

To make the galette, heat up the pan and pour a ladleful of mix, making sure it covers the base of the pan evenly. To turn over, gently detach the border of the galette first and then slide a spatula underneath and flip it over.

In France, traditionally, you would hold a coin in the left hand and flip the crepe over in the air with the right hand to make sure you have money the all year around. Without oil in the mix, it is quite a challenge. But why not give it a try?

For the filling, you can use whatever you like. I love galettes with smoked salmon, avocado, green salad and a strong vinaigrette. But it is also yummie with vegan cheese, olives… Just whatever you fancy. And for the sweet tooth, try sprinkling the galette with sugar and lemon juice. Bon appetit.








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