It’s all about the run…

It’s all about the run…

When I like something, I want everybody to try it. I can’t help it. For many years, I’ve campaigned for yoga and found ways to lure my friends into a yoga class. Be warned! Here comes the next crusade, and this time it’s all about the run.

Yes, I’m still on a high after running my first 10K race yesterday but it’s not just adrenaline talking. Running is good for you, if you train properly. And I have the best trainer ever, Peter – so good I’m going to marry him next month but that’s beside the point. Anyway I started to run last September. I was doing lots of yoga but no cardio vascular training and I often felt some fluttering in my chest. I realised I need to strengthen my heart.

After my first running attempt, which must have been max 1.2 K, I was short of breath and Peter was a bit worried. He got me to run very short distances for what seemed like eternity. So I ran around the block again and again, slightly afraid that my neighbours would get suspicious. I didn’t think I could ever run more than 3K.

But we slowly increased the distance and in November I ran my first 5K. Hurrah!

Over the winter, I couldn’t train because of colds and sore throats.Peter had registered me for a run in January but I had to postpone it and eventually cancel it as I didn’t feel I could run more than 5K. But from May onwards, I had an objective: to run the London Vitality 10K race on July 10th for a local MS charity.

The weather was finally warmer and I wanted to run. Plus, I started to experience the first benefits of running: it improved my sleep, which for me was like a double chocolate chip cookie for a choco addict. My legs also felt much stronger. Although I sometimes felt more pins and needles after running, I knew it only happened if I pushed too hard, which I often do. But Peter knows me well and he held me back. I was a bit annoyed by his constant “slow down, don’t start too fast, wait…” I’m a fire horse after all. I was stomping inside. But I also knew he was right. So I religiously followed his training plan. And it worked.

On July 10th, I was ready and not only that but I also really enjoyed the race. I knew what pace to go, when to switch on the second gear and never doubted I could finish the race.

Will I keep running? Of course I will as long as I can – and if my legs fail me, i hope my arms will allow me to take part in races for wheelchair users. I mentioned the benefits of running on my sleep pattern and on my legs. But the greatest for me is that running gave me my brain back. No more brain fog and this is absolutely invaluable. I started to look at research on this topic and found out that running stimulates the growth of nerve cells and blood vessels in the brain, which helps against brain fog. And it’s true. I now feel more focused. My memory has improved and my mind feels sharper.

So what about you? When will you start?


  1. Love this site – beautiful writing- thank you.

    Curious to know if you are still enjoying running?

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes I still enjoy it… at least most of the time;-) I’m actually preparing for a Half marathon on May 12th! But now i live in Portugal, in the Algarve and i’m surrounded by hills so it’s a bit tougher.

  2. Ok. You got me motivated. I walk when the weather is nice and sometimes I feel like taking off into a run but it lasts for about 30 seconds…yes that’s it. I think most of it is fear. Your post has encouraged me to face my fear and keep trying to increase that time. Thanks for the encouragement!


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