Javi’s Salmon Cakes… without Salmon!

Javi’s Salmon Cakes… without Salmon!


– 1 cup walnuts
– 1 \ 2 cup almonds
– 6 carrots
– 1 apple
– A small onion, finely chopped
– 3 Finely chopped dried tomatoes ( soak at least one hour before) .
– 1 \ 2 cup nori flakes
– nutmeg
– paprika
– Herbal salt
– Soy sauce


This recipe can be made using a juicer, blender or grinder.
Start blending the apple. You only need the pulp so enjoy the juice while cooking! Blend the carrots as well, reserving the juice.
Mix and grind the walnuts, almonds, chopped dried tomatoes and chopped onion. Add to the paste the pulp of the carrots and apple, nori seaweed, nutmeg, salt, herbs, soy sauce and a splash of carrot juice.
Knead well and slowly add the carrot juice until it forms a dough.
Season with salt or soy sauce, if necessary. Once the dough is ready, make the croquettes, coat them in paprika and put them in the dehydrator (1 hour) or in the sun.

Bon appétit!