Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


Cashew Cheese – Javi’recipe

Oh la la! No cheese? Moi?  I’m French… How could I survive without “mon fromage”? Believe me, I really didn’t think I could follow a dairy-free diet. No yoghurt was already tough, but no cheese? You must be kidding!
And then, I discovered Cashew Cheese!!! “Mon Dieu, je suis sauvée.” There is hope.

Pasta, broccoli and seeds

Following a special diet is fine when you have lots of nice recipes, time and all the ingredients! But some days, you open the cupboard and there is much left there… This recipe, inspired by a recipe from an Italian friend, is one of these precious recipes that I use a lot as you only need a couple of ingredients.

Fat free pizza – Thanks to our friend Caroline

Caroline was one of the chefs who cooked at our Yoga for MS retreat in Spain, in April 2013. The food was absolutely amazing… It was so good that the persons who came to the retreat asked if they could get some of the recipes. Here is the first one: