This section includes a selection of videos and video sets available for purchase on Vimeo on Demand.

Yoga for MS

The series includes six videos, each lasting about one hour, to help manage fatigue; improve balance; relieve stress; reduce spasticity; build strength and develop a daily routine.

20 minutes a day

This series includes 5 videos focusing on emotional balance; upper body; lower body; core strength and restoring your energy.

Chair Yoga

This series includes 5 videos to warm-up; energise; relax the mind; release muscle tension and strengthen.


The following audio recordings are available to Audible Yoga subscribers only.

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5 Day Chair Yoga

5-Day Programme for complete beginners is intended for people who wish to start yoga but are afraid it would be too hard. Only available on AudibleYoga.

Guided relaxation

This is a 15 min guided relaxation for when you need help with tension relief. Available to AudibleYoga subscribers only.

Online courses

In this section, you’ll soon find a series of online courses for people living with MS or yoga teachers. If you’d like to see what a course feels like, have a look at the free Get Started course. To view the content, you’ll just need to create an account on Thinkific. It’s easy and free.

Introducing Taming the Walrus!

In this mini-course, you’ll find out more about TTW approach.