I learnt so much from Veronique, and her patient and kind teaching style was incredibly encouraging for me. Through Veronique, I have learnt what yoga can do for my MS and how I can incorporate it in my daily life to change the course of my disease. Fiona, London UK

VĂ©ronique has combined her in-depth knowledge of yoga with her personal experience to develop this series of classes each carefully crafted to manage and address a specific symptom commonly experienced by people living with MS. The series includes six videos, each lasting about one hour:

  • Managing MS Fatigue
  • Improving Balance
  • Relieving Stress and Finding Peace
  • Reducing Spasticity
  • Building Strength
  • General Practice for Every Day

(This series is not suitable for people looking for chair yoga.) Click on the image below to find out more and watch the trailer.