How important are lifestyle factors?

There is a widespread consensus that lifestyle factors play a key role in our health, for instance:

  • smoking
  • diet
  • drinking alcohol
  • too much coffee

Remember how you felt the day after a big party! Too much drink, food and maybe cigarettes leave traces behind. When it comes to lifestyle, the key word is energy.

Lifestyle & Energy

After a big party, our body needs to work harder to compensate for these excesses. We have less energy to enjoy the day. However, we believe that “lifestyle factors” should also include :

  • meaningful relationships
  • rewarding activities
  • sleeping pattern

In other words, all the elements in our life which give us energy or deprive us of energy! Indeed, our whole way of life has a bearing on how we feel and how we experience illnesses.

Lifestyle & Living with MS

For many people having MS can lead to the end of meaningful relationships or not being able to do rewarding activities. It can also lead to:

  • a change of career
  • a loss of revenue
  • tensions within the family

All these elements are “draining”, “tiring” physically, financially and emotionally… They leave us with less energy to live well with MS. It is thus crucial to adapt our lifestyle in such a way as to regain balance. Although we might not always be able to make symptoms disappear by changing our lifestyle, we certainly can improve the quality of our life by making sure that we keep enough energy. At Taming the Walrus, we believe that this is possible if we integrate yoga, meditation and an appropriate diet in our daily routine.