There are days like this!

There are days like this!

Yesterday I had this great idea: “Tomorrow I will do this and that… wouldn’t that be great?” But that was yesterday!

This morning, I woke up – or did I?- and felt exactly as I looked. The best way to describe it would be to imagine someone dips you in a gigantic cheese fondue and you are trying to get out of it… A battle against Gravity!

Gone was the big plan of doing some nice energetic Kundalini sequence. For a little while, I even tried to convince myself that it would be best to start tomorrow. Everything starts on Mondays, n’est-ce pas?

But I thought “Yin, Yin, Yin yoga is what you need!” I took everything I could take hold of: a mat, blocks, bolsters, cushions… I lit some incense. And there I was, ready to work on my kidney meridian – I always need to relax a bit so working on this meridian is always useful.

What I like about yin yoga, besides the fact that it is amazing to stretch the connective tissues, is that there is no rush… You have time to slowly settle into the poses (I usually hold each pose between 3 and 5 minutes) and you can  focus on your breath or observe your mind.

The first few poses were challenging, not physically, but mentally. All these thoughts were coming in “Why don’t you do yoga later?” “You are tired, go back to bed”… I remembered a trick given by Esther Ekhart in one of her classes. She described how her cat would be waiting in front of a hole in the wall, ready to catch anything that comes out, completely alert. And she explained how we could do the same with our thoughts: be alert and catch them as soon as they come up and then let them go (not sure if the cat does the letting go bit!). So I imagined being a cat. I did miss a few thoughts but I kept going on.

I practised for just over an hour. I took me at least 25 minutes to stop fighting but then I really enjoyed it. I feel better – still not ready for a marathon – but I am awake, I have more energy and I am happy with myself for getting on the mat. This is indeed the main thing: to get on the mat! Just by doing that you will feel better.

I guess the point of starting a diary is to keep writing regularly. So see you soon. Namaste