As a yoga teacher, I’ve always looked for ways to help anyone living with a chronic health condition like MS, no matter what their physical abilities are. This led me to Breathwork.

I’ve now witnessed how becoming aware of one’s breath and learning to regulate it can help us better manage our overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The benefits of Breathwork

I believe that all people living with a chronic health condition can hugely benefit from targeted breathing practices to improve the following:

Respiratory function – Breathwork can help optimise respiratory function by improving the strength of the respiratory muscles and expanding lung capacity.

Inflammation – We can use our breath to stimulate the vagus nerve (VN) and thus reduce stress and inflammation.

Brain function – Some breathing techniques help to improve memory and focus.

Neuroplasticity – Research shows that breath awareness thickens grey matters.

Perception of pain – How we breathe affects our perception of pain so we can use specific techniques to manage pain better.

Sleep – Some techniques improve sleep and our energy level.

Balance – Research shows that balance is better (both with the eyes closed and open) when the diaphragm is thicker.

Conscious Connected Breath

Breathwork however has an even deeper impact, that goes beyond physiology. Consciously connected our breath can help us:

– Become more self-aware

– Find greater balance, inner strength, and purpose

– Reconnect with our life force and move towards healing.

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