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I'm new to yoga.
Yoga for MS
Start with Gentle Yoga, Yin yoga, Level 1, Breathwork session or a 30 min 1 to 1.
My main issue is fatigue. I cannot attend a normal exercise class because I get too tired.
1 to 1 yoga for MS sessions
Breathwork session (for MS if you have MS), Gentle yoga or 30 min 1 to 1. If you have MS, try Yoga Therapy for MS.
I want to develop cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility
30 min Dynamic Yoga classes
Short dynamic classes, Strengthening, Ashtanga-inspired or Yoga for Incredible Women
I am curious about breathwork or I don't feel safe moving, I prefer to stay seated
1 to 1 yoga for MS sessions
General Breathwork session or Breathwork for MS (if appropriate)
My main issue is stress, anxiety or mild depression
Breathwork sessions, Gentle with Chair option, Short dynamic class level 1, Yoga Therapy for MS (if appropriate)
I want targeted exercises to manage my MS
30 min Dynamic Yoga classes
Yoga Therapy for MS or Book a 1 to 1 session
I get tired easily and/or my balance is preventing me from attending a normal class
Yoga Therapy for MS, Gentle Yoga with Chair option, Breathwork sessions or book a 1 to 1 session
I was told I should exercise or do yoga, but I don't know where to start
Send me an email and we can have a chat OR book a 30 min 1 to 1 class
I'm in the Algarve and would like to have a face-to-face session
1 to 1 yoga session in person
Contact me by email [email protected]
I prefer to work with a personal trainer as I'm not at ease in a group
30 min Dynamic Yoga classes
Book a 1 to 1 class (30 or 60 min). You can also get a few friends together and book a private session for the group!
I have health issues (such as back problems, high blood pressure...) or specific/severe MS symptoms
1 to 1 yoga for MS sessions
You can safely join one of the Breathwork sessions but for yoga, we recommend you book a 30 min 1 to 1 session first.

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