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Get up & Go

This is a 15 min yoga sequence that you can do in the morning to get your energy moving.

Seated warm-up sequence

This 15 min warm-up helps to loosen up the joints, improve coordination, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Short restorative sequence

This 10 min restorative sequence includes 3 poses that will help you rest and restore.

Yoga for balance

In this 25 min yoga sequence, we improve balance by working on the feet and ankles flexibility to improve the proprioceptive feedback loop and hip stability.


This is a 20 min relaxing practise focusing on coordinating the breath with slow movements. You’ll need 2 blocks, 2 blankets or towels and a bolster or hard pillow.

Restorative yoga for anxiety

This sequence is for people who feel anxious but also low on energy. It will help you rest and restore physically and be ok with whatever emotions you feel, slowly

Chair yoga for anxiety

This sequence is to practise when you’re feeling anxious or worried and don’t really want to do anything. It focuses on slow moves, and in particular on opening the arms

Yoga for anxiety

This sequence focuses on balancing emotions and includes first forward folds that are more introspective and reassuring and then gentle backbends that are more about building confidence.